No Place But Home: Tony Buba

For more than four decades, filmmaker Tony Buba has chronicled the good, bad, and absurd in his hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania, establishing an unmistakable filmography that foregrounds the plight of the working class while defying simple classification. No Place but Home, a documentary short by Ryan Loew and Matthew Newton, examines Buba’s storied career as told in his own words. Produced as a collaboration between Carnegie Museum of Art and 90.5 WESA. The CMOA also screened this piece at the museum in August 2016.

In Pittsburgh, Gun Violence Remains a Persistent Problem

A quick explainer video produced for PublicSource on the issue of gun violence in Pittsburgh.

On Patrol With The MAD DADS

"MAD DADS provides me the opportunity to give, and to continue to give back," said Donald Giddens, patrol director for the Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS. Giddens was one of several MAD DADS members on a recent Saturday night patrol in Rankin and North Braddock. With patrols countywide, the group hopes to develop positive relationships with community members and prevent violence before if occurs. Produced for PublicSource and was nominated for a 2016 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Chapter Emmy.

Troubled Kids, Powerful Drugs

PublicSource reporter Halle Stockton explains her latest investigative series about the powerful psychotropic drugs that are being prescribed to Pennsylvania's most chronic or violent youth offenders. Explore the series at

In Indiana County, Pa., A Coal Plant Cleans Up

Around the country, dozens of coal-fired power plants are racing to install pollution controls to comply with new mercury rules from the Environmental Protection Agency. But how do you keep 100,000 tons of coal-fired pollution out of the air? Basically, you install thousands of air filters. Produced for The Allegheny Front and Innovation Trail.

Portrait Of An Ironworker

Standing nearly 30 stories above downtown Pittsburgh, Al Williams — a third-generation ironworker with 36 years of experience — is in his element. The 54-year-old has logged roughly 70,000 hours working on countless structures around the city of Pittsburgh. That's included PPG Place, Consol Energy Center and the Liberty Bridge. Now he's working on the latest addition to Pittsburgh’s skyline, the Tower at PNC Plaza. Produced for 90.5 WESA.

Martinsville: A Visual Essay

"It's like a marriage, you know," said Jomo Lucas, a laid-off worker turned boxing coach. "What you put into Martinsville is what you get out of it." Located in Southwest Virginia, Martinsville's population is declining, graying and growing poorer by the year; its unemployment rate is the highest in the state. But there's beauty in the landscape, loyalty from residents and hope for the future. This is part of a larger project about the loss of manufacturing jobs in Southwest and Southside Virginia. Produced for The Roanoke Times, with photography by Jared Soares and video by Ryan Loew.

What's Old Is New Again

Brandon Boan, co-owner of the Tip Type letterpress print shop in Wilkinsburg, Pa., shares his thoughts on using and maintaining old pieces of equipment such as a linotype machine. Produced for 90.5 WESA.

How Nanotech Could Soon Replace Expiration Dates

Do you rely on the sell-by date to tell if your milk is fresh or go with the sniff test? A researcher at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is developing a new way of detecting freshness that could allow you to use your cell phone. Produced for The Allegheny Front and Innovation Trail.

Rubber Duckie, You're the One

Artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck Project floated down the Ohio and Allegheny rivers, kicking off Pittsburgh’s Festival of Firsts in late September 2013. Video by Ryan Loew, with additional sound by Katie Blackley. Music by Podington Bear. Produced for 90.5 WESA.

At The Water Bank, A Sense Of Ministry

A short video about Pastor Lee Dreyer, who helps organize the Water for Woodlands water bank at White Oak Springs Presbyterian Church in Renfrew, Pa.

The church distributes water to 34 families whose wells went bad around the time fracking started in the region. The coincidence can't be proven but residents said they can tell by taste, smell, color and skin reaction that their water hasn't been right. This video segment was a part of a story by PublicSource.

Travel Press

During the 2012 presidential election, The Roanoke Times accepted an invitation from the International Center for Journalists to host two
visiting journalists during the final days of election season. As the election drew near, Reem Yousuf Al-Harami and Elham Salih experienced a heavy dose of swing-state politics in Virginia. Produced for The Roanoke Times.

Vox Pop: Pittsburghers Sound Off On One Tough Winter

Harsh winters can be a fact of life here in Pittsburgh. This one was different, though. At least it felt that way. Plunging temps. Endless snow. Frozen pipes. Don't forget the cavernous potholes and worrisome reports of road salt shortages. But as spring approaches, we gave Pittsburghers the chance to offer some parting words on these past months of wintry misery. Produced for 90.5 WESA.

The Hunt for Methane Leaks Goes High-Tech

Equipped with a high-tech van, researchers go mobile to detect methane leaks coming from Pennsylvania’s growing network of natural gas pipelines. Produced for The Allegheny Front and Innovation Trail.